Forgo Battery Company Limited

Our Vision - To meet African energy requirements for solar and piston starting engines..

Our Mission – To be the innovative Company with versatile team members with the aim to meet the continental battery demand gap.

Our Core Values – Quality and Professionalism

We are a private owned company registered in Nigeria as manufacturers and international company representative, with many years of experience in battery importation from China, Turkey etc, prior to the establishment of our battery assemblage facility.

The company board of directors is currently chaired by Offorjama Joseph Alyx, who has a wealth of experience from many years of practice in various battery facilities overseas within Europe and Asia.

The Company flagship brands include Forgo, Adamant and Solar Power.

The current focus of the Company is not just to break the jinx of becoming a successful automotive battery assembling Company in Nigeria, but in addition with the focus to expand and meet the emerging renewable energy / Solar battery demand for Nigeria and West African Countries.

The dream of our facility located at no; 1, Industrial Layout, Gaa- Imam, Ilorin, Kwara State came by the year 2010, as this ambition led to a battery facility development and know-how transfer with one of her suppliers , Guangdong Zeliang Storage Battery Company Limited, (Aokly Battery Group) in China.

This project got completed in year 2013 and had a two years test run and was finally commissioned by the Executive governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed on November 3, 2015 with 100 employees.

The quality of product from our facility all comply with Nigerian Industrial Standards requirement (NIS) and are fully MANCAP certified by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

With current installed capacity of about one million units (1,000,000) of battery annually (For automotive and solar batteries), we plan to be the preferred company for the emerging vehicle assemblers in Nigeria, meet the domestic battery replacement demand, and export our high quality brands to other African countries.

Forgo Battery Company Limited prides herself as a successful, innovative company and a leading player in automotive and Solar battery sector in Nigeria with world class facility and top quality product ranges.